The Ways of Khrem


Issillian Witch Goat - a domesticated animal from the barrow haunted country of Issel. It glows in the presence of the supernatural, allowing a shepherd to know that something nasty is nearby.

Issillian Barrow Wolf - a monster nature evolved that feeds on the haunts and undead that lurk in the Issillian countryside.

Felk Spider - A subterrainian, man-sized beast naturally found in the caves along the Palidesian coast. It's venom can keep its victim alive even while digesting its internal organs. There is a theory that some may have spread by sneaking aboard Palidesian ships as hatchlings and finding new lairs elsewhere in the world.

Bardokian Dire Bison - a huge herbivore that wanders the northern country of Bardok in small herds. It's coat can carpet a small house, but it is enormously dangerous if aroused.

Storm Wraith - believed to be an elemental of some form, these misty apparitions sometimes appear circling the tops of tall trees, or the spires on buildings, after severe storms. Little is know about them, as they are difficult to reach when present, but it is assumed they are best left alone.

Hessellian Shroad Viper - a deadly snake from the country of Hessell. It's poison is prized by murderers with a grudge, due to it's slow, painful progress and it's difficulty to treat.

Imperial Cave Rat - also known as a dire rat, this dog sized rodent lurks in the subterrainian labyrinth of the Undercity beneath Khrem.

Hessellian Stone Drake - a goat sized reptilian predator that lives in the rugged Hessellian mountains. It's skin has the appearance of stone, and possesses tremendous frictional properties.

                                              More To Come

Moonstone Maddy - The lethal ghost of a murdered prostitute that haunts the twists and bends of Candlewalk Lane every autumn. While wiser patrons  find other places to do their whoring between the tenth and eleventh moons, she still manages to get two or three victims a year.