The Ways of Khrem


Cargill of Khrem – Once a criminal, and thief of unrivaled skill, Cargill has now retired to the quiet life of an unassuming bookseller. His attempt to create a new life is threatened by the appearance of Capt. Drayton, whose cases put him back on a collision course with the past that haunts him.

Captain Wilhelm Drayton – A Captain of the Watch, and a bit of an idealist, Drayton has been assigned by the High Magistrate to reduce the number of unsolved murders in Khrem…a job he approaches with both dedication and enthusiasm. To this end he recruits Cargill as a reluctant expert on the criminal side of the city.

Watchman Heinryk – The elder of the two watchmen who accompany Drayton on his cases… Heinryk is a grizzled veteran who has seen the worst that Khrem has to offer, and wears the scars to prove it. He is the voice of experience on Drayton’s squad, at least from the law’s point of view.

Watchman Poole – Take a Granite Peak Gristleneck Gorilla, shave him, then give him even bigger muscles and a large single brow and what you will end up with is Poole. Much more intelligent than his looks suggest, Poole is actually an agreeable fellow who just happens to inspire agreeableness in others.

Grabel – As Cargill’s manservant, Grabel is efficient, orderly, an excellent cook, and would be almost impossible to replace…no matter how badly Cargill might like to at times.